Dhyana Mala [Green Jade]

This mala is from our "Stone Japa Mala" collection. This mala is created for yogi's who want practice Japa Meditation

Beads used in this mala are Green Jade.

Jade is most valued for its metaphysical properties. It is the ultimate "Dream Stone," revered in ancient cultures, as well as today, to access the spiritual world, gain insight into ritualistic knowledge, encourage creativity, and dream-solve.It is cherished as a protective talisman, assuring long life and a peaceful death, and is considered a powerful healing stone

Mala Specifications:

Beads Used : Green Jade (8mm) .
Length: Hangs approx 60cm/ 23.5 inch. knots between beads.
Use: Japa Meditaion
Additional Info :Try to avoid wearing it during bath and sleep.

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