I was looking for a place to buy Rudraksha Mala and found your website. Received the shipment yesterday and I love the look and feel of it. I can’t wait to wear it for my next yoga class. Thank You.

- Jennifer, Indianapolis.


Bought ‘Amethyst Mala’ as gift for my Mom. She told me that it is one of the best gifts she ever got from me. I am going to get another mala for her soon. Thank you

- Amelia


Great website, great collection of Malas at very reasonable price.  Wishing the team all the best. I am looking for audios of mantras. That will be a good item to add to your collection. Looking forward to see more products from OmShanti Mala.

- Vijay, Ottawa.


I recently started practicing Japa Meditation. I feel so good about it. Thank you for providing lot of insightful articles on Japa Meditation and Mantras.

- Zach , Toronto


 I liked the concept of taking yoga’s beyond doing Asanas. I talked to few of my yoga classmates about Dhyana yoga and they all are excited about it.  One of my yoga teachers always wore a Mala and I wanted to get one for me also. Now I have one and feel like a real Yogi!  

- Sam, Jacksonville.