Our Story



OmShanti mala started as a hobby and to a home run business back in 2014. As a new immigrant to Canada, I was looking for opportunities to connect with local people and came across the passion of Torontonians for Yoga.  With my Indian origin and passion for Indian culture and traditions, I started to get involved with yoga enthusiasts in Toronto.  

I learned more about Yoga in my new home than what I had learned back in India. To my surprise, I found people in western culture are more passionate and dedicated in practicing yoga compared to /that of  in India. To me,  yoga was more than doing Asanas. It’s a way of life. It evolved over thousands of years and deals with physical, moral, mental and spiritual wellbeing of  a person.

 I used to wear rudraksha mala while doing Dhyana(Meditation) in my yoga studio. People noticed  that and asked me to bring a few for them from India. I brought a handful during my last Indian trip and gave it to my friends in the yoga studio. They all started using it during  their meditation, and shared  the positive energy they experience after wearing it.

 As demand for the product had grown in my immediate circle, I bought more from local vendors near my home town back in India and sold to people in my yoga studio. Eventually, without even realizing,  it transformed from  hobby to a home based business. Also, I got a sense of satisfaction on buying these products from local vendors back in India as my humble effort to help craftsman and artisans in my home country. Rudraksha beads used in our Malas are of Indian or Nepalese origin. 


Hope our products will help you to express your yoga spirit and aids you in your Dhyana Yoga. Tell the world that you are part of something so wonderful